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Jefferson Highlights Community Television was established in 1984 for the purpose of providing information on  local cable TV about events and issues which would not normally be seen on any of the major channels.  Shows were originally taped at the Sammons Cable company studio in Dover until the weight room at the Jefferson Township Middle School was converted into a media center in the late 1990's.  Shows were then taped there until all the equipment  was moved to a newly renovated and equipped cabin at Camp Jefferson in 2002. The staff of JHCTV consists entirely of volunteer help, ably led by Art Bonito, President.

In 2005, looking for a way to further enhance the cultural environment of the town and to provide quality entertainment, Bonito embarked upon an ambitious plan to produce summer concerts as an offshoot of JHCTV.  To do this required building a venue to accommodate the concerts.  The result was the enormous two-summers-long upgrade of the miniscule, existing Camp Jefferson Amphitheater into a 500+ seat facility with a greatly expanded stage, using all volunteer labor.  The first concerts were held in 2007 and have continued every summer since.  The goal of Bonito and his small but extremely capable and loyal volunteer concert staff is to provide bigger and better acts every summer.
Art Bonito, President of Jefferson Highlights, was named a 2010 winner of the prestigious New Jersey State Governorís Jefferson Awards.  For photos and more information click here.